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The videoconference module brings videoconference support into the OpenPaaS platform. It is composed of several components:


This guide provides you all the steps required to intall the videoconference application.

1. Install Jitsi

We use a modified version of the Jitsi docker-compose project to run jitsi locally:

2. Install the required modules

The videoconference application comes with 2 core modules:

  1. linagora.esn.videoconference provides core videoconference integration within OpenPaaS
  2. linagora.esn.videoconference.calendar provides calendar module integration

As any other modules, clone them from git and use npm link to install them in OpenPaaS:

git clone
git clone

cd linagora.esn.videoconference
npm install
npm link

cd ../
cd linagora.esn.videoconference.calendar
npm install
npm link

cd $ESN_PATH # your ESN folder
npm link linagora.esn.videoconference
npm link linagora.esn.videoconference.calendar

Finally, add linagora.esn.videoconference and linagora.esn.videoconference.calendar in the modules array of $ESN_PATH/config/default.json.

3. Install the videoconference application

Follow the instructions from


In order to work, the ESN must be configured with several URLs:

  1. the Jitsi instance URL
  2. the Videoconference Web application.

As an administrator, log in into OpenPaaS, go to the administration/modules/videoconference, then fill URLs:

Configure module header